elena dudina

Book and Cd Cover designer, digital artist, photomanipulator, photo fantasizer...

I was born in Russia.

My father was a military man, a fighter pilot. So, as you might understand, we moved a lot. I spent my childhood and youth from one location to another. From Estonia to Latvia, even from the Arctic to Ukraine and seven years in Siberia.

Living in Madrid (Spain) since 2002. My husband is Spanish and I love this country too.

I have always drawn and painted, since child. I had that gift. In 2004 I started with sculpture too until I dicovered Photoshop. Since then I work exclusively in this field. I think is the summary of everything I did before.

Photomanipulation is my passion but my work too !


Ready for Book Covers, Cd Covers, posters, flyers, promotional materials…

For publishers, authors, self-publishers, artists, bands, musicians…

exclusive commisioned

I work on permanent collaboration with the publisher, author etc. Since the election of Stocks (models, different elements etc) to completion to full customer satisfaction. If you don not provide me the Stocks I bring a first selection following your instructions. Having made the decision I request to apply for permits. And so the whole process.


Every step of work is agreed following the guidlines of customer. Continuous feedback.


I am a Photomanipulator. I edit and composite existing photographs (drawn and painted effects included)  but I am not a drawer.


I do not accept works that could be made within 15 hours (all included).


Optionally, I can do the writting of title and author name, Pngs for the Web / Blog, banners, wall- papers…


You get the full and permanent ownership of your design.


Rates depend on each work. Everyone is unique and therefor so must be what I charge. We will reach a satisfactory agreement to both parties.


Interested ?


Tell me about you (Web / Blog Links will help me), needs and ideas (examples will help too), your timeline and sorry, your budget.


Then, eMail me !



from my Gallery

Many works on My Gallery are available to be used as Book Covers, Cd Covers etc.


Interested ?


Check out, choose, ask me and we will reach an agreement.


Then, eMail me !

I reply to each and every email. If you have a project feel free to contact me anytime.

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Book Cover and Cd Cover designer